Latin Freestyle

Shawn and Alyson Tierney are proud to announce the grand opening of Ketchum’s newest restaurant, Boca.

The Tierneys describe Boca as “Latin Freestyle” - a concept that pulls from the distinct flavors, colors and sensations of the Latin world, including Spain and Portugal, South and Central America, Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico - without restrictions. To Shawn, the name Boca goes further than the simple meaning (mouth in Spanish) to encompass the tingling sensation of heat and bold, complex flavor profiles that one experiences while eating Latin food.

A dramatic interior re-design by Charles Stuhlberg Gallery combined with art on display from Gallery de Novo has created an atmosphere that is fun, vibrant and energetic. Katie Sanford, Boca’s Floor Manager, is thrilled to bring her passion for refining the dining experience to a restaurant that she believes Ketchum has been waiting for.